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Privacy Policy: is concerned and committed to preserve the privacy of the users. This privacy policy session explains about the privacy policy, information which collects from users and how it is used.
Please read the following privacy policy carefully before using the website. does not attempt to determine the identity of any user by analyzing web usage paths.

Information collected by from users: collects personally identifying information only during the submission process. Information is collected in certain portions of in which users specifically and knowingly provide such information along with content submissions, submissions or suggestions. may use such information for its internal purposes, including, but not limited to, editorial and feedback purposes. Information submitted at the time of registration may be used for marketing and promotional purposes by and may be shared with companies that have something of value to offer. If a guest objects to such use for any reason, he/she may stop that use — either by e-mail request or by modifying his/her registration information online

For what purpose the information is used by gathers information from you only to provide you with a better service. It is collected only for internal records and to prepare reports based on figures. uses cookies for verifying that you are a user and it also uses for counting and tracking your number of visits to In addition, it also uses cookies to determine the number of visitors that came to the website through a particular advertisement. uses IP address to gather broad demographic information such as your general geographic location and Internet Service Provider, server type, content type etc. This demographic information may also be used by to analyze aggregate web usage behavior.

Security of your information in makes sure that the information of the users is protected from hackers and abusive users. It uses highly advanced computer security safeguards to protect its databases and servers against risks of loss, unauthorized access, destruction, misuse, modification, or inadvertent or improper disclosure of data. These risks, however, cannot be completely eliminated and therefore cannot guarantee complete security in exceptional situations. segregates certain personally identifiable information provided by you.

Restricted Access to the information:

      The access to the above mentioned information gathered from the users’ computer is restricted only to the admin of The data are used only internally and stored in the database. does not provide the information to any third-party site or customers and hence the security of the details is ensured.

Links to other sites: website may have links to various other sites and is not responsible for the privacy and security of the personal information collected by those sites from you.

Changes in the policy:

      Privacy policy is subjected to change periodically as the contents of the site get updated and new features are introduced dynamically. Though informs users about the changes, it is your responsibility too to check the policy frequently for the recent changes.


Uniform Resource Locator

      A URL (Uniform Resource Locator) is the complete web address of a file or document you view in the address bar when using the Internet. Address bar is the one where you type the name of the website and it is located at the top of the page. An example of a URL is:
http is the protocol is the server
index.php is the filename

Internet Protocol Address

      An Internet Protocol (IP) address is a set of numbers that is automatically assigned to your computer each time you connect to the Internet. When you use your web browser to request a web page from another computer on the Internet, your web browser automatically gives that computer your IP address so that the data your request can be sent to your computer.

Domain Name

      A name is a part of the domain URL which identifies a particular web page. For example, in the URL, the domain name is


      Cookies are pieces of information that a Web site transfers to an individual’s hard drive for record-keeping purposes while at the site. Cookies make Web-surfing easier by, among other things, saving your passwords and preferences for you. The use of cookies is an industry standard, and you’ll find cookies at most major Web sites.

Cookies help make better, by showing how and when guests use the site. Many content improvements and updates are based on such data as total number of visitors and pages viewed. This information is most easily tracked with cookies. A cookie lets remember that you’ve submitted the website, which allows us to speed up your future activities at our sites. The cookie itself does not contain any personally identifying information although it may enable to relate a user’s use of to personally identifying information that has previously been submitted by the user, if any.

You may occasionally get cookies from our advertisers. These cookies are sent from third-party computers and are subject to such third parties’ policies. Most browsers are initially set to accept cookies. If you’d prefer, you can set yours to refuse cookies. However, it is likely that most areas of the site will not function properly if you do so.


      A browser, short for web browser, is a software application used to locate and display web pages when you search for a website. Two popular browsers are Netscape Navigator and Microsoft Internet Explorer.

Removal from our Database:

      Should you ever wish to be removed from our database, simply contact us and we will be happy to fulfill your request. Additionally, should you wish further clarification of this policy, please do not hesitate to email us or
for any queries or concerns in private policy.

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