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Word Counter

Enter some text in the field below and the word counter will automatically update:

FAQs about the word counter:

  1. How do I use the word counter?
  • To use the word counter, simply enter some text in the text field and the word count will automatically update.
  1. What does the word count include?
  • The word count includes all words in the text field, including punctuation and numbers.
  1. Can I reset the word count?
  • To reset the word count, you can simply delete all the text in the text field and the count will reset to zero.
  1. Is the word counter case-sensitive?
  • No, the word counter is not case-sensitive. It will count all words regardless of whether they are uppercase or lowercase.
  1. How accurate is the word count?
  • The word count should be accurate as long as you have entered the text correctly. If you have any issues with the word count, please double-check the text to make sure it has been entered correctly.
  1. Can I use the word counter to count words in a document?
  • The word counter is designed to count words in a text field within a web page. It cannot be used to count words in a document. To count words in a document, you can use a word processor or a specialized word counting tool.

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