Bengaluru to Hyderabad in two.5 hours soon through high speed railway track

As per the report from the India infra hub, for running trains at the speed of km per hour the railway tracks are suitable and safe .Soon the travelling time can be reduced to two and half hour between two cities. By covering the distance of five zero three km in the Hyderabad the tracks will be constructed or made between Yelahanka station in Bengaluru to Secunderabad station .This will cost around rs ,thirty thousand Crore for the project which has to build as the part of the pm Gati Shakti .By travelling through the passengers train from Hyderabad to  Bengaluru  it takes around ten to eleven hours. Nitin gadkari is the union transport minister who has spoken about the Bengaluru Chennai express ways in the Rajya Sabha that once the express ways are ready then the travelling time between the two states will be reduced to two hours. A fencing wall will be built on both sides of the semi high speed railway track of one.5m height so that the train can be operated at a given speed with any problem .The routes have already been finalized for the further procedures and construction of the railway tracks .

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