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Shortest Turning Radius Car in India 2018

Shortest Turning Radius Car in India

We have made a list of Shortest Turning Radius Car in India 2018, In Automotive, turning circle radius is the diameter of smallest circle when a car takes a u-turn. Turning radius is the minimum clearance ( width in metres) needed to turn a car. Its the radius taken by the car to turn in dead steer position. Lesser the turning radius, more convenient is the car to drive in tight localities. The minimum distance between walls of street for a car to take u-turn without scrapping against the walls.

Imagine you are stuck in a narrow lane, you have to take a U turn to go the other way, if its a sedan its difficult to take that perfect U turn within a lane without scraping on the sides of the road. If You are looking for a vehicle which will be helpful for you to navigate or take the shortest turning radius in a street you should always look for hatchbacks. Nano being the forefront with the shortest radius as its a small compact car and Omni coming a better second position. Its always the the hatchbacks which win as they have short bodies as Shortest Turning Radius Car in India. It looks the Shortest Turning Radius Car in India cant better unless and until we have the smaller cars than Tata Nano as there is lot of research and development going on within few years there would be cars which wouldnt neet to turn to go the other sides. Shortest Turning Radius Car in India coveted title goes to Tata Nano.

List of top Shortest Turning Radius Car in India

Car Make Turning Radius
1 Tata Nano 4.00 m
2 Suzuki Wagon R 4.6 M
3 Maruti Alto 4.6 M
4 Datsun Go 4.60 m
5 Maruti Celerio 4.7 m
6 i20 4.8 m
7 Maruti Swift 4.8 m
8 Hyundai Grand i10 4.8 m
9 Hyundai Elite i20 4.8 m
10 Maruti Baleno 4.9 m
11 Renault Kwid 4.9 m
12 Volkswagen Polo 4.97 m
13 Hyundai Creta 5.2 m
14 Renault Duster 5.2 m
15 Mahindra Scorpio 5.4 m
16 Mahindra XUV 500 5.6 m
17 Maserati Levante 5.85 m
18 Land Rover Range Rover 6.15 m