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Jerome Hamon – Face Before After Condition Story

We all have heard of transplants but here is a man who has received not one but two full facial transplants.

The man identified as 43-year-old Jerome Hamon had received his first facial transplant in 2010, as Jerome Hamon was suffering from neurofibromatosis type 1, a genetic disorder which causes tumours on face, leaving it disfigured.

But since Jerome Hamon’s first transplant was not a successful one, a team of doctors led by surgeon Dr Laurent Lantieri performed a second full face transplant on Jerome Hamon.

After receiving his first transplant, Jerome Hamon, in 2016 started showing signs of the transplant’s rejection. The doctors after examining him decided to go for a second one. But before a second transplant could be done on him, the first one needed to be removed.

So Jerome Hamon literally lived without a face for three months – gap between the removal of the first transplant and fixing of the second one. During this time, Jerome Hamon lived without a face and was thus unable to hear, speak or even eat. Hamon received the transplant from a 22-year-old boy who had recently died on January 15 and 16 and had to go through months of special blood treatment in order to minimise chances of rejection of the new transplant.

The surgery has significance as it proves that people on whom a face transplant is not successful in the first attempt do have a chance of undergoing the procedure for the second time.

Although how successful the surgery will be is a matter of time, the doctors have said that they will soon publish what they have learnt from the surgery in a medical journal.