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How to Download Youtube Videos

How to Download Youtube Videos ?

Though it is not a big issue these days. These days many youtube videos give much needed information and much needed help for anyone, the person might be of any field. Though there are many options like youtube red where you can watch the saved videos to youtube red. Anyways if you feel that you need the video on your phone you can download the video directly to your phone. This might help you retain much needed information to your android phone, which you can recall at any time you want. Here is the answer for How to Download Youtube Videos :

Probably You haven’t seen there is a Option under the video to download the video to your Android Phone. Please go through the pics below to know How to download YouTube videos:



When you open any video you can see the download button just beside the share Button.


Once you Click download you will find the options popping up in which quality you would like to download the video.




Once you select the quality of download the download Starts



Once you have downloaded the video you will be lead to youtube download tab where you can see the Video downloaded. Here the Video download will come with the option of 29 days validity for any downloaded video.