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Drone Laws India 2018, Legal to Fly from Dec 1 Now

Drone Laws India

After a long wait Drone Laws India have been introduced, Civil aviation regulator DGCA has drafted the rules for drone flyers which says that now people would be legally allowed to fly drones from Dec 1st, 2018 according to Drone Laws India.

  • From Dec 2018 you can legally fly drones in India.
  • Civil aviation regulator DGCA published Final Guidelines for Operating drones by Ordinary citizens
  • It says drones can now be legally flown from Dec 1.
  • But It will be sujected to various requirements and clearances.
  • DGCA has divided drones into 3 categories:
    A) Nano (upto 250g)
    b) Micro Drones (250 g to 2kg)
    c) Small and above (2 Kg or more)

According to Drone Laws India every drone, except Nano must obtain a unique identification number(UIN) from the aviation regulator. Which is similar to the registration number for a car which must be displayed on the aircraft. Bigger Drones will need UIN along with Unique Air Operator’s permit (UAOP). Which is just like a driving licence which will be valid for five years. All drones except Nano must have GPS, anti-collision light, ID plate and a SIM.Before flying a small or bigger drone, an operator has to file a flight plan, and inform the local police, so that it can reach a height of 400 ft or more.All categories of drones must be flown in the visual line of sight and only during daytime. There has been a ban on flying droens in india since October 2014, this regulations brings relief to drone users and opens avenues for Drone Photographers.

No Permission no take of policy, Government is going to introduce a app on which permission has to be applied for each and every flight, when your request the permission on the mobile app NPNT or the digital sky platform is approved then only can take the flight. If the drone operator tries to evade the permission criteria but the drone will not take off.  All Drone operators have to register at the Digital Sky Platform of Government of India at DGCA Website. The details of which will be available from Dec 1 2018 on the government website.

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